Friday, July 20, 2012


pray and wait and wait and pray, then suddenly there it is. 5 years ago
I didn't have enough faith to believe that God would provide 1 meal for
me and now I know He provides for ALL of my needs, fulfills the desires
He put into my heart and goes ahead of me making the way. Pray and
wait, wait and pray, BELIEVE and obey and watch the hand of God create a
beautiful life made to order just for you!

Obediance for a better life

Staying obedient certainly does simplify things. Thank you Father, that you care for us with such intensity that you ask us to go to you about EVERY SINGLE THING. We were created to depend totally on you, to do nothing apart from you. Help us to come to that realization so that our lives may reflect you, free from strife and full of peace. Yes it is possible, it's His promise!

The Real Deal

I was asked what made me find religion. I went too long but the short of it is, Jesus pulled me out of abuse & suicide. He restored me, my mind & my family. God is real, & as undeserving as I was He cared enough to get personally involved with me. I’m not chasing an apparition, some "idea" or religious system but a real God in the person of Jesus Christ that performs miracles in our everyday lives. Check out John 3:16

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not Looking Good?

Do things look not so good for you? I imagine things didn't look too good to the disciples when Jesus was hanging on that cross but Gods most profound miracle was actually in the works. In those devastating moments our eternity was being secured and our power & authority over evil was being regained. God is Awesome when things don't look so good!

It Really is This Simple

As we study Gods word, new revelation is learned. Everyday there is something new God wants to show us, share with us, and teach us. I am always in awe to see the magnitude of change and healing that takes place when you simply spend time in His word and in His presence. I see it and am still amazed at the simplicity of it all. Jesus is the Answer to a hurting and dieing world. No doubts here!

One Man

I was going through a journal I kept the first year i devoted my life to Jesus. This one has proven more true each day. "40 years of my life were defined by what ONE man did TO me~Now my next 40 years are being defined by what One Man did FOR me!"

Who's Desire is it?

Are you doing what you desire and asking God to Bless it or are you Blessed because you are doing what God desire's?
I created a new blog to practice my story writing at Your critique is encouraged, good or bad but please be specific.